Thursday, May 12, 2016

Home Improvements ~ New Carpet

A week ago today our new carpet was installed. There was a lot of preparation that had to take place before installation. The installers moved the furniture but we had to empty the bookcases and the curio cabinet. We also had to clear out all of the closet floors and move any electronics ourselves such as TV's and computers.

It took a few days to get everything prepared. It pretty much was like moving. We packed boxes full of books and other items.

Oh, hey! There's the box with my family history binders (front box in photo)! I've been looking for that and haven't found it yet. Now I know what kind of box to look for. I'm sure glad I took this photo.

These aren't even all of the boxes we used. We ended up with stacks of boxes, furniture, and other items in our garage and on our back patio. We also had to remove all of the bedding from the beds as part of the preparation too.

We finally finished preparations and on Thursday morning the installers arrived with the new carpet. My husband took the day off of work while the carpet was being installed. We basically spent the day in our kitchen and dining room that was filled with furniture and other items that had been moved in there.

I was glad to see that our computer desk was one of the items that was placed in the dining area, so I set up my laptop there.

The installers moved the furniture and removed all of the old carpet and padding. They used blue tape with corresponding numbers on the walls and pieces of furniture so they would know where to put the furniture after installation.

They also sealed any cracks in the concrete slab and cleaned and swept the concrete in preparation for the new carpet.

They even vacuumed the new carpet after it was installed using their own vacuum!

So, here it is. The new carpet has now been installed. We chose Shaw's English Saddle. You can see it online by clicking HERE.

Our home improvement projects aren't quite complete yet. My husband is going to make a mantel for our fireplace. Yay!

We also have another project to take care of. This was an unexpected project. Our refrigerator started leaking water and by the time it was noticed, our laminate floor in the kitchen was ruined. Sigh....

We thought our refrigerator was going to need to be replaced, but thankfully it was just a water hose that was leaking and was a quick fix. Our home insurance policy is covering most, if not all, of the cost to replace our kitchen and dining room floor. Whew! What a blessing! My husband and I just need to decide on new flooring for that area of our home.

We'd like to get all of these projects completed before our son's wedding in June. Yup, we have a wedding coming up. Actually, two weddings. Our youngest son got engaged recently and his wedding is coming up later this year. Happy times for our family. We truly are blessed.

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