Thursday, April 7, 2016

Protecting Her Nest

Mommy Killdeer

Yesterday I took our car to the car dealership to have it serviced. It was going to take a while, so I walked over to the shopping center across the street while I was waiting. On my way back to the car dealership's service department, I passed by this pretty little Killdeer. She fluffed her feathers and protested loudly when I walked by. It turned out that she was protecting her nest. She had built her nest on the car dealership's property. The nest is by those orange cones in the photo below. The blue arrow is pointing to it.

The people at the car dealership must have put those orange cones around her nest to help protect it. So cool! Good job car dealership!

It may be difficult to see mommy Killdear's nest, so here's a zoomed in view.

Killdeer Eggs in a Nest
Killdeer Eggs

Such beautiful speckled eggs!

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