Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strolling Through Seaport Village

Recently my husband and I vacationed in San Diego. We enjoyed beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery.

We were only there for a few days, so we tried to squeeze in as many activities and see as many things as we could in those few days.

We arrived on a Saturday in the late afternoon and after checking into our hotel, we decided to go see some of the sites. After we had dinner, we headed down to Seaport Village. We had been there before, but that was over ten years ago.

It's such a beautiful spot along the San Diego Bay waterfront, filled with shops, restaurants, and of course, beautiful scenery.

Here's a photo of their lovely pond.

We saw a mommy duck and her little ducklings resting on the banks of the pond. So cute!

Isn't this pretty? It's part of a colorful display in front of one of the shops.

If you're in San Diego, I highly recommend a visit to Seaport Village.

I'll be sharing more photos from our visit to San Diego in future posts.

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