Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scorpion In A Box

Each week, we look forward to the emails from our two youngest sons who are serving full-time 2-year missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And it's extra fun when those emails include pictures.

I recently shared a couple of pictures sent to us by our youngest son who's serving in Arizona.
Well, this past week he sent a few pictures of a scorpion that had been caught by someone he knows. This is one of those pictures. Can you say yikes?!

This is what he said about this picture:

"This is a bark scorpion, the most common and most lethal scorpion. It just so happens to be able to blend in with carpet and can squeeze through something as small as the width of a credit card."

Double yikes!!

I did a search online for the bark scorpion and yes, this does look like the Arizona Bark Scorpion. You can read about it HERE.

Did you know that the Arizona Bark Scorpion is nocturnal and that it glows in the dark under ultraviolet light?

I found this picture of an Arizona Bark Scorpion on the Wikimedia Commons website. We actually purchased a UV ultraviolet LED flashlight blacklight for our son to take with him on his mission to Arizona. I don't know if he's used it yet though. But, it's nice to know he has it in case he wants or needs to use it make sure there aren't any scorpions in his apartment.

He's been serving in Arizona for just over a year now. And so far, he hasn't mentioned finding any scorpions in either of the apartments where he's lived. And I'm thankful for that.

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