Monday, July 8, 2013

Colorful Alliums at Central Utah Gardens

Our family recently returned from a vacation in Utah. While we were there, we kept driving past these colorful round flowers pictured in the photo below. I was intrigued and really wanted to stop and take some photos of these curious flowers.

Central Utah Gardens

Eventually, we had some time in our schedule to stop for photos. I thought these flowers were part of the landscaping in front of a business, but this place turned out to be the Central Utah Gardens. What a cool place! Needless to say, my hubby and I stayed there for quite a while taking pictures of the beautiful flowers in these gardens.

Central Utah Gardens

Here's a close-up view of these colorful flowers. The garden's caretaker told us these are actually spray-painted Alliums.

Alliums in front of Central Utah Gardens

I'll be sharing more photos from these gardens in future posts.

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  1. It's my first time to see those stunning flowers!

    1. Hi Lina,

      I hadn't ever seen spray-painted Alliums before either. Thanks for stopping by! =)

  2. Wow, i have never seen multi-colored alliums before, they are so colorful and very pretty. Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers :)





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