Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zion National Park ~ Part 3: Court of the Patriarchs

I'm sharing more photos from our trip to Zion National Park today. It's so beautiful there. I definitely want to go back some day.

Our first stop along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive was the Court of the Patriarchs shuttle stop, which is the fourth of nine shuttle stops along Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. We skipped the Zion Museum and Canyon Junction shuttle stops at that time during our visit.

We got off the shuttle bus and were treated to a spectacular view of these magnificent sandstone peaks. These cliffs were named after three Biblical prophets - Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The small roof in this picture is from the shuttle stop across the street.

Hopefully these photos below will give you an idea of how close these stunning cliffs are from the shuttle stop.

There's a short uphill path from the shuttle stop to the viewpoint.

Cactus along the path. And more photo opportunities too.

Almost at the viewpoint. It really is a short walk.

Here we are at the viewpoint area.

Taking in the breathtaking view.

There was an informative plaque that showed visitors which peak is named after which prophet.

In case it's difficult to read this plaque, here's what it says:

"Named for three towering figures of the Old Testament, these sandstone cliffs hold court over Birch Creek Canyon and this section of the Virgin River. In 1916 Frederick Vining Fisher, a Methodist minister, gave the religious names to the peaks. Today it is not hard to imagine how the grandeur of this view could inspire such reverence."
A view of the peaks from the viewpoint area.

After our visit to the Court of the Patriarchs viewpoint area, we walked back down to the shuttle stop. Instead of getting back on another shuttle bus, we decided to walk across the street to go on a path that lead to the Virgin River. I'll share photos of that little adventure in a future post.

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