Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Latest Happenings ~ Missionary Son Update – Snow…ish Stuff

I thought I'd share some of the latest happenings regarding our youngest son, who's serving a two-year full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Arizona.

After Christmas our family, minus our missionary son of course, spent time together in Utah. It snowed the first two days of our vacation. And the temperatures the rest of the week didn't get above freezing. So there was snow and ice on the ground the whole week.

In one of our weekly emails, we told our missionary son about our experiences with the snowy and freezing conditions in Utah and he told us about the cold weather he experienced at the beginning of 2015.

He said, "…on New Years Eve, we got rain. A good portion of rain. Which is rather unfortunate, because this Stake started their Pioneer Trek on New Years Eve. So, the kids got a nice muddy start. And the dirt here has a lot of clay in it. Unlike Sandy Mud, which is just kind of moist, this Mud is thick and clings to anything it touches. So, the youth had to pull handcarts in six inches of mud the whole eleven miles of the first day. Then, on that night, it got a little below freezing, and so some of that rain turned into ice. Which, actually iced our trash can shut the next morning. A sight and a feeling I thought I would never see on my mission!"

Wow! I have to hand it to those kids on their Pioneer Trek. And it's pretty funny that our son's trash can was iced shut.

In an email from our son with the subject line "Our own bit of snow...ish stuff" he sent two very similar pictures of the same mountain range. Here's one of the photos.

Yes. I think I see some "snow...ish stuff" on top of those mountains.

It sure is fun receiving emails and photos from our missionary son. He's doing great and loves his mission so much.

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