Monday, October 27, 2014

Hiking Casa Grande Mountain Park

Our youngest son is serving a full-time two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Arizona. In his most recent email to us, he told us that he and some other missionaries hiked around Casa Grand Mountain Park on their P-day (preparation day).

P-day is the one day a week that LDS missionaries use to take care of personal things like food shopping, laundry, emailing home, etc. The rest of the week is spent sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It's especially fun to receive photos from our son. He sent these awesome pictures from their hike.

He said that they hiked in the morning. Looking closely at the photo below, I noticed headlights on cars along the highway as well as other lights that appear to be at business locations.

Our son told us that the hike was "lots of fun" and that there were "Jumping Cholla cactus everywhere." He said that one "grabbed onto" a fellow missionary's shoe but that thankfully it was "at the sole of his shoe, so it only burrowed into the rubber."

Yikes! It's a good thing the cactus only penetrated the sole of that missionary's shoe. The Jumping Cholla cactus is also referred to as the Chain Fruit Cholla. You can read more about it in an online article called Jumping Cholla. From what I read in the article, it sounds like getting pierced by one of this cactus' spines would not be fun at all.

Our son is loving his mission in Arizona. In one of his recent emails he said, "I love this work. I know that God loves each and every one of us. The Atonement can be applied into every single aspect of our lives. We just need to look for it. The Tender Mercies of the Lord, as well, are everywhere. Seek, and ye shall find."

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