Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gibson Beach ~ Point Lobos, California

My husband and I recently visited beautiful Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. We were only there for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. We were in the area and had never been there before. It's an absolutely gorgeous place, and a photographer's paradise.

Point Lobos is located along Highway 1 on the California Coast. It's just south of Carmel.

Here's a map of Point Lobos (thank you Googlemaps).

Googlemap for Point Lobos

There are lots of walking trails to enjoy. Because we were only there for a few hours, we weren't able to see all of Point Lobos. We'll definitely need to go back some day.

I took lots and lots of pictures while we were there. I thought I'd share one of them with you today.

This is Gibson Beach. I absolutely love the color of the water near the shore. I took this photo while we were walking along the Bird Island Trail.

IMGP6839 - Gibson Beach, Point Lobos, CA

I will be sharing more photos from our visit to Point Lobos in future posts.

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  1. That's a beautiful scene! Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you Betty! It's truly a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have very fond memories of driving down Hwy 1. Carmel was always a favorite spot and now we know about this place for our next visit, whenever that may be. Thanks Jana!

    1. Hi Denise,

      I've lived in California all of my life and just now discovered Point Lobos. The California Coast is so beautiful. I'd like to see the other areas of the coast I've not visited yet. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Gorgeous shot. Wish you had posted more.

    1. Thank you SizzleandZoom! More photos are coming from our visit to this beautiful area. Thanks for stopping by! =)

  4. This is one of my favorite places. Total beauty.

    1. It is a lovely area. Thank you for stopping by Pat!





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