Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Visit to Avila Beach, California ~ Part 1

On August 26, 2013 my husband, two of our sons, and I took a little day trip to Avila Beach. I'd never really been there before. My husband and I drove down here one time but never did stop.

When we arrived, we decided to have lunch before heading to the beach. I had read about the Hula Hut before we came so we had lunch there.

Hula Hut

I ordered the chicken breast sandwich with potato salad on the side. It had melted provolone cheese on it and was quite yummy.

Lunch at Hula Hut

The Hula Hut is a charming place with friendly employees. Not only do they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, they also serve delicious locally made ice cream.

Hula Hut Ice Cream Sign

I asked where the ice cream was made and our charming server told me it was made in Arroyo Grande. And yes, we did indulge in some of that scrumptious ice cream later in the day.

Hula Hut

Hula Hut also has a fudge counter called the Fudge Factory. You can see it in the photo above just inside the doorway.

Avila Beach 2013

They also sells t-shirts and lots of other non-food items too. Hula Hut is basically a deli, ice cream counter, fudge counter, and gift shop all in one.

When we first arrived at Avila Beach it was somewhat foggy.

Avila Beach 2013

But while we ate lunch, the fog lifted and it became a beautiful sunny day!

Avila Beach 2013

More about our visit to Avila Beach in future posts, including photos from when my husband and I visited the landing under the Avila Beach Pier. Yes, I said under.

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  1. This must have been such a wonderful trip for you and your family Jana. Love your photos!

    1. Thanks Denise! Yes, it was a beautiful day on the Central California coast that day.





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