Saturday, August 3, 2013

Camp Chawanakee Cove ~ Shaver Lake

I refer to this beautiful spot as Camp Chawanakee Cove. It's one of the many coves at Shaver Lake, which is located in the Sierra National Forest in California.

Family Camp at Shaver Lake 2011

Why do I refer to this lovely spot as Camp Chawanakee Cove? Because Camp Chawanakee's Family Camp is located here. Camp Chawanakee, which is run by the Boy Scouts of America, has two separate campgrounds. One is for Boy Scout activities, and the other campground, called Family Camp, is for the general public.

This map, which was created by Southern California Edison, shows the many coves at Shaver Lake. Unfortunately, I don't see a formal name for this beautiful cove on the map below. I've circled it in blue. If you'd like to see this map online, click HERE.

Camp Chawanakee Cove on a map

For many years, Camp Chawanakee's Family Camp has been the location of our annual family reunion. We have fun swimming, canoeing, kayaking, gathering around the campfire in the evenings, and just enjoying each other's company.

Family Camp at Shaver Lake 2011

Here's a view toward the end of the cove and the meadow.

Family Camp at Shaver Lake 2011

And here's a view of the cove in the evening.

Family Camp at Shaver Lake 2011

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  1. What a lovely spot - beautiful photos!

  2. What a gorgeous spot! It looks so nice and peaceful!

    1. Thank you so much beyondzephyr! It really is a lovely place.

  3. Beautiful, love the reflections in the first image!
    Happy Sky Watch,

  4. What a beautiful place. This must have been like balm to the soul :)





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